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March 16, 2017 Back to Blog

Computer-Guided Implant Surgery

Over the years, dental implants have become the most advanced and effective treatment options to replace a tooth. 

Dental Implants typically made of titanium, are placed in the jawbone and fused, or integrated with your natural bone.

With dentistry continuing to progress, a cutting-edge technique is introduced in performing dental implants accurately, precisely and predictably. This break-through is called computer-guided implant surgery.

Using this technique allows added security and predictability beyond what can be expected of conventional implant procedures. It provides better vision in the placement of implants which eliminates guesswork on the position of the implants in the jawbone.

This technique consists of taking, a 3D x-ray scan during the consultation to visualize the existing bone. After that, an intra-oral digital or conventional impression will be taken, and the planning begins.

During the planning, the 3D scan will be overlapped with the intra-oral digital impression to provide a virtual replica of the patient’s mouth. Using unique medical digital software, the implants will be virtually placed.

After the virtual implant positioning, a surgical guide is generated that allows your doctor to place the implants in the ideal planned position with no incision and no suture. This will significantly reduce post-operative discomfort.

We can also prepare in advance the teeth that will be fitted in the implants.

On the second visit, the patient will get the implants placed, and the crowns will be connected over the implants as planned.

As an oral surgeon and implantologist, I take advantage of this innovative technique when considering the best treatment options in performing dental implants to my patients.