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February 9, 2017 Back to Blog

Dental Loupes

You may think that most of the dentists who are using magnifying eyeglasses has poor eyesight or vision impairment. 
There’s no need to worry because those glasses are called loupes, a medical tool actually intended to magnify treatment site, which gives dentist more detailed view to properly conduct dental procedures.

Why using loupes are important?

Using loupes makes assessment and diagnosis of oral problems easier as well in treatments and surgeries, it plays a vital role in the overall success of the procedures.
As an Oral Surgeon and Implantologist, working under magnification provides me precision and accuracy in performing dental treatments and oral surgeries.
Apart from the better improvement of vision, dental loupes helps dentist to obtain physiologic posture while working and thereby minimizing risk of slouching which dentist are well known to develop.

Should Dentists consider using loupes in daily dental practice?

Absolutely yes, clinical examination using loupes can be an advantage; it decreases the risk of wrong diagnosis. Magnification helps dentists to practice more safely and with superior standards.
I highly recommend the use of loupes, clinicians should consider adopting this concept and continue to challenge themselves more.
In my line of work, I constantly challenge myself not just in providing quality service for my patients but for personal excellence as well.