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December 8, 2016 Back to Blog

Photography in Dental Work

Say cheese!
Discover how dental photography makes the perfect smile instantly achievable

Imagine being able to see the final results of your planned dental work before you've even spent time in the dentist's chair. Thanks to the top-of-the-line photographic recreations offered by one of Dubai's best dentists, Dr Rabih Abi Nader, patients can now envision exactly how their smiles will look, and approve the final result, ensuring they will walk out with the perfect tailor-made smile.

How does dental photography assist my dentist?

Having each stage of your dental work process recorded gives your dentist a greater insight into how he or she can give you a final result that is both structurally and aesthetically pleasing. Dr Rabih Abi Nader is pleased to offer this service in his Dubai-based dental surgery, ensuring his patients receive the flawless dental work they deserve.

What's the process?

After meeting with Dr Rabih Abi Nader for your initial appointment, your smile and mouth will be photographed using a completely non-invasive camera lens. The resulting images will be analysed by our Dubai dental team, and used to recreate a digital design that will project the new smile directly on your image, as an accurate blueprint for your new smile.

Using the structure of this digital dental design, our trained lab technician will then recreate your teeth using wax, to create a 3D, interactive interpretation of your smile. On returning for your second session, you will be able to trial the wax mock-up, offering a rare glimpse at how the perfect smile can drastically improve your appearance. Dr Rabih Abi Nader will then show you the incredible difference between your current damaged dental situation, and the new look you, with the the specialised mock-up giving the patient direct insight and control over their final look. 

Should I try dental photography for my next appointment?

If you want full satisfaction over your dental work, with a Dubai dentist who listens and understands your input, then yes, dental photography is the perfect way to discover your perfect smile.

This 'before and after' is a powerful tool in modern dentistry, providing patients with never-seen interpretations of how easily they can become the person they've always dreamed of, all thanks to the Dr Rabih Abi Nader dental team.

How do I take advantage of dental photography?

Simply book a consultation with Dr Rabih Abi Nader in Dubai, and take the first step towards finding your perfect smile.